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Fred Heppner
Business Management Advisor
Transitions Consultant

21001 N. Tatum Blvd. #1630-413
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Tel. 480.513.0462
Fax. 480.513.0472



As a result of several decades of experience, Fred Heppner leads the field in knowledge of the business of dentistry, familiarity of the issues and challenges that face dentists today, and ability to coach and advise dentists so that they can accomplish their goals and achieve the levels of success they desire.

In the arena of Practice Transitions and Sales, Fred Heppner has been involved in successfully transitioning dental offices, representing dentists who desire to sell their practice, secure a partnership, or purchase a practice. He has the experience you need to bring about the results you deserve in dentistry today.

Contact Fred for a complimentary consultation on how you may form transition plans that will serve your needs and accomplish your goals in dentistry and in life