(Formerly ``Exit Strategies and Transition Planning``)

Do you plan to buy or sell a practice?
Are you thinking about associates?
Do you know what your practice is really worth?

Buying and selling can be complex - and scary. Let the nation’s leading specialist in transitions teach you the information, resources and skills to make yours a success.

As tax laws shift and the economy fluctuates it’s important to understand how your practice is positioned and how you will handle the moving parts of and exit, entry or associate agreement. Pride Institute brings you the foremost experts in the field for this one and a half day course to secure your future.

In any economy, it is essential that both buyer and seller have the very best advice and counsel. This seminar is led by Fred Heppner, a nationally known expert on practice transitions who will acquaint you with proven strategies for selling or acquiring a practice.

You will learn:

  • The process used to appraise dental practices
  • The options and mechanics of buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Complex associateship/partnership structuring
  • The tax implications when selling or buying a practice
  • Succession planning, practice operations, personal planning and practice entry
  • How to maximize practice value to prepare for a profitable transition into retirement
  • Post-practice options

Leave with the skills and insight to make your transition a “pain-free” one where everyone involved wins – even your patients

Participants in this lecture course receive 11 hours of continuing education credit from the Academy of General Dentistry.


"If you are looking for integrity, experience and expertise, I know no one that is more qualified to assist you in your dental practice transition than Fred Heppner. Knowing Fred for over ten years and having worked with him on multiple transactions, he is committed to win/win relationships and has the special knowledge to facilitate any transition. With Fred Heppner, the Pride Institute team and Pride's strategic partners, you can't be in better hands.”

- Hy Smith, Author and Transition Specialist