"My experience with Fred Heppner of Arizona Transitions was absolutely wonderful for my practice transition! The whole process went so smoothly even though it took a long time. This was nothing on his part it’s just that my buyer was procrastinating. Fred was always available to answer questions. He knew exactly what to ask for in preparation for the sale. He definitely was a great fit for me. I could not have asked for a better experience!"

Bobbie Morris, DDS


"Fred was wonderful to work with. I was buying my partner out and he was instrumental in being a non biased 3rd party to facilitate the sale and make sure each party understood the other side and each piece of the sale. He really took his time in speaking to us together and individually and was able to communicate all questions and concerns seamlessly. He also made himself available just about whenever necessary day or night. I would absolutely work with Fred again on future transactions given my great experience. He truly cared about both parties involved not just a commission."

Jeff G,, D.D.S.


"As a dental practice owner for 20 years, there comes a time in your career when you transition from active ownership. In the fall of 2016, I made the decision to sell my successful dental practice and transition to managing clinical director and lead dentist. I contacted Fred Heppner for a practice appraisal and engaged his services for the sale. In March of 2017, we closed the sale of the practice and a successful transition from owner to lead dentist, released me from the day to day business responsibilities that every dentist is faced with. Fred was an ethical and responsive broker for my practice. He found the perfect match for the new ownership, which allowed the remaining time in my career to be some of the most fulfilling on a professional basis.

I can highly recommend Fred if any dentist is considering selling or buying a dental practice.


Paul, D.M.D."


"I have dealt with brokers of all sorts in my life. Many were little more than listers, relying on others to do the "heavy" work of actually making a sale happen. I wanted an individual who was not just a lister. I received that with Fred. His prospectus of my practice was bank ready. I followed his recommendations for my discussions with a buyer.  Though not an accountant, his review of my recent tax returns showed an accounting error that provided me a  large refund after submitting an amended return. Also not an attorney, he explained points in the contract that I should consider. He communicated well with the buyer and the lender right up until funds were wired to me from the lender. He was WELL worth his fee and I'm most happy I had his help working through what can be a very difficult process with unexpected roadblocks. THANK YOU FRED!!"

--R. Branstrator, D.D.S.


“Selling a specialty dental practice in a semi-rural area can be a difficult task. Fred helped to make this a reality by finding the ideal buyer for my situation. The process has happened smoothly, and the patients, staff, and referring dentists have been pleased with the transition.”
— Michael Robertson, retired periodontist

“I have worked with Fred Heppner in many different formats over the past six to eight years. Fred is the consummate professional. I have attended lectures that Fred presented, had phone conferences where I asked Fred advice, met one on one, and most recently, worked with Fred on the sale of my orthodontic practice. When it comes to financial planning and advising, Fred has a wealth of information and can break it down simple enough that even the non-financial people (orthodontists) can understand. Fred never tells you what to do; rather, he gives you enough information that you can make an educated decision for yourself. I highly recommend Fred to anyone in the field seeking these services. When it comes to practice transitions, Fred is the best choice. Fred is thorough, knowledgeable, accessible, connected, and capable. He will gather the necessary data to propose a practice sale price. He will work tirelessly with your other team members (lawyers, accountants, bankers) to make the sale fast and efficient. He creates a situation where all parties involved feel like they attain a win-win scenario. Fred’s fee structure is fair and understandable, and you will receive a tremendous return on your investment for Fred’s advice and services. I am a huge fan of Fred and recommend his services to everyone. Feel free to contact me as a reference if you have any questions regarding my experiences with Fred.”
— Blair Feldman, DMD, MS, MSEd

“Thank you so much for all of your help and support during the most important transition of my life. You helped me launch my dental career and I will be forever grateful. I feel so lucky to have worked with such an ethical and professional individual like yourself and look forward to working with you again in the near future.”
— C. Gonzalez, DDS

“I feel extremely fortunate to have found and chosen Fred Heppner to help me through the process of selling my practice. I enjoyed Fred’s straightforward demeanor, and his ability to simplify for me what would have been an overly complex endeavor if I had settled on other firms that I had interviewed. A prosthodontic practice requires a more difficult search, typically out of state and with much fewer potential candidates. Surprisingly, things happened very quickly, and Fred was always available to answer my many queries and give me direction. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!”

— Jeff Lewis, DDS, FACP

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me through one of the most important (and interesting) decisions in my life! Your advice and support were invaluable. Thanks for being there when things got tough, for being the muscle when difficult things needed to be said, and for cracking jokes when things got tense. I can’t imagine having gotten through this experience without your support. You’re the best!”
— S. Garcia, DDS

“Fred Heppner gave me exceptional advice and help in quickly selling my practice. With integrity and clarity, the process was really seamless. Everything that was promised was delivered in a timely manner. There were no hidden problems and all situations were covered. Would I have Fred handle another sale/purchase event? The answer is definitely YES.”
— Mack Greder, DDS

“Fred Heppner made all of the difference in the sale of my practice. Throughout the entire process, he was supportive and encouraging when the inevitable bumps came along. I quickly came to realize that one of the hallmarks of Fred’s practice is his honesty and integrity. Another of his many strengths is his attention to detail. He knew the right questions to ask me, and knew the answers to the questions that I had for him. I would heartily recommend him to anyone needing to sell their dental practice. I am very glad that I made the decision to call him.”
— E. Delmoe, DDS

“Thank you so much for your professional, honest, and friendly help in the sale and transition of my dental practice. I felt like I had my best friend advising me. You are the greatest.”
— J. Cox, DDS 

“When it was time to sell my practice, I thought about Fred since we’ve worked together before. I could not have done this without him. Attention to detail, honesty, and integrity were important to me, and Fred came through on all counts. If any of my dentist colleagues are considering a practice transition, I would strongly recommend Fred Heppner, without hesitation.”
— D. Nelson, DMD

“Fred Heppner was a true asset in the sale of my practice. In a short time, Fred gleaned huge amounts of information from my office computer and put together a reader-friendly prospectus. At that point, the sale of the practice was put online in a discreet listing. Fred kept me informed and updated throughout as to any bites. I really appreciated his prompt email responses to my questions and depended a lot on his knowledge of management as well as tax information. His business and computer skills and his outreach to the state dental association made my transition perfect. I was completely satisfied with the negotiations and closure of my practice sale. He has splendid contacts with banks, attorneys, and management companies in the Southwest region. I can confidently recommend Fred Heppner for his accessibility and expertise in the business of dental transitions. He has a pleasant demeanor and is very approachable.”
— B. Holbrook, DMD

“Fred Heppner did a tremendous job negotiating, organizing, and finalizing the recent sale of my dental practice. His pleasant and confident demeanor, combined with his knowledge and organizational skills, kept the sales process moving forward and allowed me to concentrate on patient treatment. The sale closed as scheduled and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I can highly recommend Fred to anyone contemplating a dental practice transition.”
— T. Dawson, DDS

“With this type of a business transaction, you have to find someone you can trust. There are monumental decisions that have to be made, and without someone who understands the dental industry and knows what they’re doing, big mistakes can be made. You also need someone who can properly evaluate the business and provide the right framework to protect you from a legal standpoint. And, you need someone who will take away the enormous hassle of trying to find the right qualified buyer. Fred Heppner is the ideal person for this line of work. He helped me sell my practice, and I know it couldn’t have been done correctly without his expertise.”
— M. Beckham, DDS